I am currently working as a Computer Vision and Deep Learning Engineer at Tesseract Imaging, India's Largest AR/VR company. I previously graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus pursuing my double major of Masters(M.Sc) in Biological Science and Bachlors(B.E.) in Manufacturing Engineering.

A major part of work was done at Srujana Center for Innovation which is a part of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute. My primary project at the Center was Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope. I've since worked on multiple projects in the field of heathcare and currently working on technologies to simplify, minimize and regulate interaction with phone and other media.

I have a general inclination towards good design and towards building technologies having an overall positive impact on society. This inclination has led to me work in various fields like medical technology, aerodynamics, automation, internet of things, data analytics and virtual reality. I believe in humanizing technology by minimizing interaction for performing tasks and to limit content and advert consumption.

If you have a similar mindset and want to discuss some similar project, drop me a line.

[Note: The website has become slow and old and is being revamped right now. I'll be implementing some cool visual storytelling modules soon enough since I found that it suites my presentation style the best]